President Elect Training

March 14, 2022

President elect training will be held from April 22nd to April 23rd in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

A Note From Doug

Before the details of this event are listed, I would like to take a moment to share some ASHRAE history, so everyone understands the importance of this event. The roots of ASHRAE started with the foundation that ASHRAE members (as professionals within our industry) could come together and share the experiences of professionals with a common cause related to the heating and ventilation needs of people within building. As ASHRAE was modified through the years to include air conditioning and refrigeration the experiences grew, and they continue to grow as we all face new challenges. The experiences of our society from the very beginning included not only the sharing of technical information for the common good of all people but is also included the professional growth of like professionals via social engagement and professional support of everyone within our common industry. Therefore, each chapter includes social activities as well as technical learning events. This combination of professional growth (technical and non-technical) events was, and is important at the ASHRAE regional also, because the regional level is where the connection is made from local chapters to the larger ASHRAE society base of over 55,000 members of ASHRAE from a global standpoint.

Region V has a tremendously rich history of ASHRAE milestones and accolades. To mention a few examples, the West Michigan ASHRAE Charter was signed by Willis Carrier, Gordon Holness from Detroit is a Past Society President, we have many members of Region V that are Distinguished Lecturers, plus the Detroit chapter and the Cleveland chapter both celebrated their 100th anniversary within the past several years. There are also many other Region V examples, but the important thought here is we come together as ASHRAE members within our region each year to continue the rich history our members started generations (up to over 100 years) before 2022. Part of this history and regional responsibility is to provide the training of upcoming chapter volunteers to lead their chapters to best serve their local membership and this is the primary focus of “President-Elect Training”. Thus, I ask everyone to embrace the Region V history and focus on how in 2022 we can come together and continue the training for the betterment of our members within all chapters of our region.

Moving forward here is what everyone needs to know and do in order for us to collectively complete our ASHRAE Regional responsibilities with “President-Elect Training”.

Event Summary

ASHRAE Region V Training