2018 LeaDRS Testimonial

October 16, 2018

Participant Testimonial

We received the following testimonial from a previous LeaDRS participant:

"If you are even thinking about ASHRAE leadership beyond the local level, I recommend that you attend the LeaDRS program. There is another side of ASHRAE that everyday members do not see, and the program works well to emphasize what leadership will require of you in terms of commitment, social acumen, and professionalism. By following a board member, you are able to see every facet of ASHRAE and how much volunteerism occurs at the regional and societal levels. The program did two things for me personally: (1) reinforce my belief that ASHRAE is a great organization and (2) show me that anyone in ASHRAE can make a difference. You, as an individual, can use ASHRAE as a vehicle for change, as long as you believe in Society's mission: To advance the arts and sciences of heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigerating to serve humanity and promote a sustainable world. At the Conference, I saw people who cared about every aspect of HVAC design, from duct design and load calculations to energy code, sustainability code, and fan laws. The passion to make the world a better place is inherent in every engineer, but not everyone has the ability and/or resources as an individual to make a sizable difference. However, ASHRAE's LeaDRS program has shown me that getting anything meaningful done requires more than just one person. Therefore, if you believe in the mission statement of ASHRAE and want to contribute, I encourage you to participate in the LeaDRS program."

Andy Cheung, ASHRAE Region V LeaDRS Candidate, 2018 Winter Meeting